PL-3018V For Equine


PL-3018V For Equine
Mainly application for pregnancy detection of equine , swine , sheep , bovine , camel , alpaca , dog , cat , rabbit and etc .
The rectal probe is for big animals such as equine , bovine and etc .
Calculate the gestation age according to horse GS
1. Clear off the egesta in rectum.
2. Feel the pregnancy with hand and give a primary estimation and confirm the examine organ with ultrasound.
3. Hold the probe closely and and put it into rectum and ensure that your hand can feel the coming change inside rectum. Keep hand closing to the back and between the probe and rectum wall.
4. The inner construction of equine displays on the screen, bladder lies in the portrait cross place and the behind is uterine horns and body. From the horizontal view, uterine horns are in shape of round usually. Move the probe around to acquire a better observation on the joint of uterine horns and body, and then switch the probe to uterine horns as the following figure shows:

Probe position for uterine and ovaries examination

5. The measurement method of GS diameter is given below and measurement can be done horizontally or vertically.

Equine GA measurement

6. Confirm the distance value as per distance measurement methods and the corresponding data display behind “G·A”. With this measurement to set up a chart to find the growth curves to estimate embryo size and GA.Here GA refers to the duration from the copulation instead of impregnation.