PL-6018I Portable Color Doppler

Technical Parameters :
Monitor:12.1” high-resolution LCD.
Image mode:B, BB, 4B, B+M , M, PWD, PwrD, CD, CWD, DirPwr, B+C+D.
Keyboard:digital back-light control and spin button.
Input / Output Interface:USB2.0 , LAN , VGA , RS232 , Video, DICOM3.0
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    APPLICATION: hospitals, clinics, health care centers, universities and etc .

    Examination range: abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, regional nerve block, uterus / adnexa, vascular and etc .


Monitor : 12.1” high-resolution LCD
Image mode: B, BB, 4B, B+M , M, PWD, PwrD, CD, CWD, DirPwr, B+C+D.
Keyboard: digital back-light control and spin button.
Input / Output Interface : USB2.0 , LAN , VGA , RS232 , Video, DICOM3.0
Gray scale : 256
Scanning lines : ≥256
Dynamic Range : 30dB-75dB
Maximum frame rate : ≥65/s
Pseudo-color display : 11
Note: body mark and character note, body mark: ≥100
Cine loop : ≥100 frame
Image memory : ≥160G, format BMP/JPG/DCM/TIF
TGC : ≥8
Partial enlarged : ≥ 4 times
Image processing : 8 frame-related, 6 related to six-speed lines
Image flip : up and down , left and right , image rotation ( 2B, 4B mode rotated 90 ° ) , black and white
Sampling frame size, position and color : support B / color consistent width adjustable
Pulse repetition frequency : 0.5-2khz , 6 adjustable
Gain : 20dB-48dB , grading adjustable
Wall filter : 40-500 adjustable
Noise Reduction : 32 adjustable
Sample volume : 0.5-10mm adjustable range 20
Scan speed : 8 adjustable
Support synchronous updates automatically trace and spectral inversion
Baseline position, spectrum volume and correction angle : adjustable
Blood flow measurement velocity:
a) Maximum blood flow velocity measurement: pulse doppler > 2m/s
b) Lowest measured blood flow velocity: <2mm /s (non-noise signals)
Machine dimension (mm): 320*220*295

Mode B (2D) measurement
a) General measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, distance narrower radio, area stenosis ratio.
b) Gynecological measurement: uterine size and volume, cervix size and volume, right/left ovary size and volume, endometrial thickness, right/left follicle volume.
M mode measurements: distance, heart rate.
Doppler measurements: General measurement: systolic and end-diastolic velocity, peak flow, time, blood flow, pulse index and heart rate.


Standard Configuration :
Scanner Body : 1pc
3.5Mhz Convex Probe : 1pc
Charger with a Set of Wires : 1set
Bottle of USG gel : 1pc
User Manual : 1pc

Optional :
Micro-convex probe
Phased array probe
Trans-virginal probe
Linear probe

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