PL-3018V For Sheep


PL-3018V For Sheep
Mainly application for pregnancy detection of sheep , equine , swine , bovine , camel , alpaca , dog , cat , rabbit and etc .
The convex probe is for middle animals such as sheep , alpaca , swine and etc .
Estimate gestation age according to hilum-spine length of sheep
Use convex or linear probe to check abdomen and end-rectal probe to rectum. These two methods are the same useful. It is proofed as cording to some publication that these two methods are the same effective in pregnancy examination.
- Rectum examination is more exact than abdomen examination within first 35 days pregnancy;
- The two methods are the same effective between 35 to 70 days pregnancy;
- After 70 days pregnancy, abdomen examination is better because it is more practical when the uterine becomes large.
Abdomen check:-
1. Abdomen examination can be done when the sheep is standing or lying or seating. Put the probe against the appointed abdomen center where there is no fur.
2. Clean the abdomen skin if there is mud to ensure a clear display of the abdominal pelvic structure.
3. Measure the length of USD.
4. Confirm the distance value as per distance measurement methods and the corresponding data display behind “G·A”.